Usage of fish bycatch and fish waste

Commissioned by: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Year: 2014

The upcoming landing obligation (or discard ban) will undoubtedly increase the amount of non-consumable fish (parts). Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sustainovate has made a quick scan of possible markets for this unwanted bycatch. The result is summarized in a report that is available below.

Our focus for this assessment has been on European examples that we have identified in our network and through a thorough desk study. Many of the examples come from Norway and Iceland where a landing obligation has been in place for decades now.

During the drafting of this memo we have collected any interesting documentation on the discard ban that can be used to evaluate solutions for individual companies (such as partner information, indications about minimum volumes, innovative activities, interest from the market and more). More information is available with us.