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Sustainovate assists fishing companies in implementing more sustainable fishing techniques, reducing bycatch and improving corporate responsibility.


Early stage bycatch avoidance toolkit

Fishermen share with us the opinion that this unwanted catch can be best dealt with in the earliest stages of their fishing operations: during trip planning , fish finding and catching . Only then it would reduce the measures needed to deal with processing unwanted catch further in the processing chain. Another reason to focus on this early stage avoidance is the long term benefits we are seeking. Our science based approach, often funded by scientific quota, should be truly sustainable and therefore serve 2 goals:

  • significant bycatch reduction and
  • long-term operational benefits.

Possible markets for unavoidable bycatch

In spite of the above measures, there will always remain unwanted catches. The EU prohibits markets for human consumption of this fish. Fishmeal would be an easy market but not very rewarding. Sustainovate has assessed bycatch selling markets throughout Europe that belong to the higher value product segments.