Fisheries bycatch markets

☛  The Landing obligation results in more fish on the market

The upcoming landing obligation will increase the amount of non-consumable fish (parts) and fish waste. Sustainovate keeps track of what could be done with this fish based on information from countries around the North Sea and beyond.

☛  European quick-scan on possible markets

During the drafting of a first overview Sustainovate has gathered much information that makes it possible to collect and evaluate the solutions for individual companies (such as company information, indications about volume requirements, innovative activities, interest from the market and more).

☛  Key questions when searching your market

Typical questions that arise are: What are the emerging markets? What is the need for marine products in aquaculture and other sectors in a globally increasing demand for food? Where are potential partners to develop business? What are the profit margins and under what conditions can these be achieved?