Improved knowledge of pelagic fish stocks with industry data collection

This report describes a practical approach to explore and test the potentials of the Pelagic Freezer Trawler Association in providing valuable information to science and fisheries policy makers in an efficient way. We demonstrate the mutual benefit for fishermen and scientist in exchanging and utilizing data and information on a daily basis.

This project is fronted by Sustainovate Inc., a solution provider in the marine business environment, and supported by the Dutch Freezer Trawler Association (PFA), the Centre for Marine Policy (CMP) and the Institute of Marine Research (Norway) and. This crossAfertilization between Norwegian and Dutch expertise on fishing industry involvement in stock management is funded by the Dutch Fisheries Innovation Platform and the European Fisheries Fund.
The topic turns out to relate to a mindAset in full development, at the time of writing probably more in Norway than in The Netherlands. Nevertheless, what has been achieved in Norway by now is very relevant for the Netherlands fisheries industry. Currently success stories are still limited, but it is clear that fishermen are definitely capable in filling gaps in common fish stock knowledge.
Both in Norway and the Netherlands there is an increasing interest in opportunities for fishing vessels to scienceArelated activities that serve the common interest. In Norway, several scientific technologies are already in use onboard commercial vessels and its data is being used for improved stock assessment or dedicated projects.